Miss Yorkshire



My ambition is to Make Yorkshire a Showbiz capital of the North of England and also very competitive with London and thereby attracting all the big names and organisations in Showbiz.

Kind Regards,

Anthony Twumasi Ameyaw
(Founder & Chairman)

MISS YORKSHIRE BEAUTY PAGEANT is an event designed to identify young women in the community who epitomise the key qualities of leadership, talent, motivation and the celebra­tion of beauty, style and fashion. This competition will include participants from Yorkshire and the Humber region and will seek to meet the objectives of:

  • Community integration and the celebration of diverse beauty from different racial constituents
  • Providing a forum with access to key target markets within the Yorkshire Region
  • Networking and exposition opportunity for Key Trade and Business Organisations in the Yorkshire and Humber Area
  • Assist Business organisations in enhancing their CSR and working towards promoting key social and cultural objectives within the wider Yorkshire Community
  • Developing Entrepreneurship (Turning Job Seekers into Job Creators)